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Prosecuting whistleblower cases often requires many years of litigation and investigation.  You’ll need an attorney who has litigated big whistleblower cases before. You’ll need investigators who know how to prove fraud.  You’ll need the backing of a law firm that has financial resources.  We give you that – and so much more. We offer something that few other law firms in the country can claim, which is strength in numbers. Our attorneys have significant experience and knowledge in handling whistleblower cases and are backed by a powerful team.

Through representation of whistleblowers who have independent knowledge of government contract fraud, we have been successful in securing the return of millions of dollars to federal and state treasuries. We are also currently representing whistleblowers with insider knowledge of financial and corporate fraud before the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Our legal staff is supported by a team of full-time investigators, headed by a 27-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a full-time staff of forensic accountants and financial analysts, and an in-house litigation support department with data hosting capabilities, staffed by electronic discovery specialists. This gives our cases consummate clout. Our investigators work closely with firm attorneys and other professionals to identify, develop, document, and prosecute our cases. By employing our unique fact-finding and data-gathering abilities in conjunction with our legal expertise, we get to the bottom of our clients’ problems. We find out the facts and put them to work for you; the end results are truth and justice for our whistleblower relators. To find out more about our investigative team, click here.

Our track record include the following successful cases:

  • Milberg successfully represented whistleblower Sean Mason in an action against Medline Industries, one of the country’s largest suppliers of medical and surgical products, alleging that Medline engaged in an illegal kickback scheme that improperly caused the United States to purchase scores of millions of dollars worth of Medline’s medical and surgical supplies.  Upon an investigation into Mason’s allegations, the United States declined to join the case.  Mason, nevertheless, elected to continue his case and, within a year of Mason’s retention of Milberg, the Court denied Medline’s motion to dismiss the action in its entirety, accepting Mason’s novel application of the “false certification” theory of liability to attach to Medline for causing third parties (here, providers) to falsely certify compliance with federal law prohibiting kickbacks.  Approximately one year later, an $85 million settlement was reached with the United States, representing the second largest settlement of a False Claims Act case on record in which the government decline to intervene.  For his part in bringing the fraudulent conduct to light and continuing the case at his own risk and expense, Mason was awarded 27.5% of the settlement proceeds, or $23.375 million.
  • Milberg represented one of the whistleblowers in the FCA case brought against Bristol-Myers Squibb (“BMS”) in connection with the company’s “off-label” promotion and sales of the anti-psychotic drug, Abilify.  In unlawfully promoting Abilify for use in children and in the treatment of dementia-related psychosis, BMS also allegedly induced physicians to prescribe Abilify by paying kickbacks and other incentives in violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute.  The case brought by Milberg’s client was one of seven qui tam actions that formed the basis of the Government’s investigation into BMS’s illegal marketing tactics, resulting in a settlement of over $515 million.
  • Milberg successfully represented a whistleblower in a the FCA case against Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (“CTI”) that arose from CTI’s unlawful marketing campaign for its cancer drug, Trisenox, which included the payment of kickbacks to physicians to induce them to prescribe the drug for off-label uses.  Following an investigation of CTI’s misconduct based upon information provided by the whistleblower and his counsel to the United States Attorney’s Office in Seattle, Washington, the federal government elected to join in the case, ultimately settling with CTI for $10.5 million.  In a landmark decision, the whistleblower was awarded a 15% share  of the $10.5 million settlement amount for his efforts in identifying the fraud and assisting the government in prosecuting the case, despite the government’s contention that the whistleblower was a “planner and initiator” of the fraud who was not entitled to any share of the recovery.
  • Milberg also successfully represented a whistleblower in a case against Cornell University’s Weill Medical College that arose from the misappropriation of research grant money awarded by the National Institutes of Health.  Upon its investigation and corroboration of the whistleblower’s allegations, the government intervened in the case and settled with Cornell for $4.4 million.

To find out more about our whistleblower team, click here.

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