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Front Running

Front running is an illegal and unethical activity in which a trader or broker profits by opening a position in a security prior to an event which the trader or broker knows will move the security’s price in a predictable fashion. For example, if a broker opens an equity position based on information from his or her firm’s analyst department before his or her clients have been provided the information, then the broker has engaged in front running.

Another example involves institutional investors that privately negotiate block trades. Even though block trades may be privately negotiated, they still are required to be reported on the exchange. If a specialist places an order to enter a position between the market price and the negotiated block sale prices, then the specialist knows that his or her order will be executed at a profit.


If you are a corporate insider, an analyst, accountant; or if you are a former employee or a third party with specific information related to the above-mentioned wrongdoings or similar fraud, please contact us and we will analyze your case and provide step-by-step assistance with filing a whistleblower claim to stop the fraud.

Learn more about how to be an SEC whistleblower.

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