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Is there a charge to evaluate my potential case?

No. We evaluate potential cases free of charge. If we have determined that you have a valid complaint and agree to represent you, we charge a contingency fee if you decide to retain us. This means you pay us only if your case is successful.

Can I report a fraud anonymously?

Fraud can be reported to the SEC anonymously, but you have to retain an attorney in order to maintain your anonymity and collect the reward. Under the False Claims Act, fraud usually cannot be reported anonymously, but there are steps that an attorney can take to protect your anonymity. Contact us to learn more.

How much does an attorney charge for representation?

Our firm will pay whatever expenses are necessary to provide a thorough and effective representation, hiring experts, paying for any travel costs, document costs and litigation expenses. If the case is successful, we are entitled to seek reimbursement for those expenses from the defendant – which is the company or individual accused of fraud. We will work for you on a contingency basis, so you only pay us if the government/SEC recovers funds and you are paid a reward.

Can you represent me if I don’t live in the same state as your law firm?

Yes, though our offices are located in New York, California, and Detroit, we represent whistleblowers from all across the country.

What size staff will handle my case?

Milberg has also over 45 accomplished attorneys available to assist in whistleblowers’ cases if they are needed.  Our attorneys have significant experience and knowledge in handling qui tam False Claims Act cases and SEC cases.  The Milberg legal team is supported by a force of experienced investigators, including former FBI agents, NYPD officers, and a seasoned Medicare/Medicaid investigator.

Does your firm have the resources to devote to the litigation of major cases?

Collectively, Milberg lawyers have obtained over $55 billion in recoveries and verdicts to date, so you can rest assured that we have the resources to commit whatever is necessary for qui tam litigation, and to win your case.


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