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How Legal Help Can Maximize Your Reward

Presenting a credible, actionable case before the government is key to the success of any whistleblower complaint. The size of the whistleblower compensation is often determined by the value of the information provided to the government.

An experienced whistleblower lawyer will provide free case evaluation, aid you in determining whether you have a case or not, and file the case with the appropriate state or federal agency, or court.

A whistleblower lawyer will also help you build your case by conducting independent research to corroborate and support your claims.

Having a whistleblower attorney can also help preserve your anonymity for as long as possible. A whistleblower lawyer should be able to prepare all the proper documentation and written materials and file your claim on your behalf, if you wish to remain anonymous. The whistleblower attorney can directly deal with the SEC or the court as required by law, answer questions on your behalf, and submit additional materials as needed without disclosing your identity.

Having the backing and the resources of an established law firm that is experienced in handling whistleblower cases and other securities cases can bolster your case before the government.

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